Spirit of Cognac



Béatrice-Anne GOUIN, Cognac Educator will take you throughout this tasting workshop to discover Cognac, its culture, production techniques and terroirs.

Cognac Educators support the Cognac sector in its approach to training, raising awareness and disseminating Cognac culture by organizing masterclasses, tasting workshops for professionals, students and even connoisseurs.

"Discovering the world of Cognac means understanding the importance of the Terroirs, of local know-how around the cultivation of the vine, from the production of base wines to their distillation, including the Art of aging. in oak barrels. As for the history of Cognac, it perfectly reflects the history of viticulture and the culture around Cognac is in itself a true concentrate of the French Art de vivre. "




2h30 Workshop


  • Introduction to Cognac
  • Cognac and its history
  • Specificities of Cognac
  • Soils and terroir
  • Making of: from grapes to brandies 
  • The "charentaise" distillation Method
  • Aromas of Cognac
  • Ageing and blending
  • Oak
  • Oak aromas
  • Cooperage
  • Age categories
  • Cognac in numbers and facts
  • Cognac worldwide
  • the "Crus" of Cognac
  • Cognac pairing & Cognac cocktails
  • Tasting


Price: 45 € per person

The course is provided from 2 to 8 persons. 


Only on reservation