the Winemaker's sense to 

Reveal the spirit of our Terroir


Jérôme GOUIN, owner of Château Vieille Tour, has become a winemaker 

following his grandfathers skills, who has teached him how to grow vines with love and dedication.

Let's discover !

wines with typicity and style


even if wines produced in Côtes de Bordeaux are meant to reveal the style of their origin, they are also the result of the winemaker's know-how, who day after day and season after season, looks after his vines and cares for them in order to let them express their best potential, and eventuelly create a wine that shows its own character.


Pour prendre à contrepied la superbe opération de déconsommation du Dry January,

nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que nous renouvelons cette année encore l'opération Promotions d'hiver 

(5 bouteilles achetées = 1 bouteille offerte) 

accompagnée des frais de port offerts dès 150€ d'achat notre site de vente directe (valable jusqu'au 31 janvier 2024)


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Welcome !

come to visit us and taste our wines


We will be happy to make you discover our wines.

French, german, english and spanish spoken.


Béatrice-Anne GOUIN : 06 75 99 48 68


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