Handing on....

from one generation to another

The blood of the earth flows trough their veins... 

From father to daughter, from generation to generation ... that's how history repeats itself.
Jérôme GOUIN inherited his grandfather's love of the vine. Arlette, his mother, taught him how to take care of them and introduced him to essential values. These values prompted him to maintain and improve the family's know-how, without hesitating to bring his personal touch.
Today he reveals the secrets of his very special "garden" to his daughter Lily-Hanna. Only destiny can tell is she will follow her father's steps in the future. 
In the meantime, the children's laughter echo to the vineyards.

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life in pink


How could Jérôme ever resist to dedicate a special "cuvée" in pink to his gorgeously sweet little daughter Lily-Hanna? 

The result is as amazing as she is: fresh, aromatic, with a pretty blush, charming pale and pinky coulour. Enjoy !


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