The importance of lively soils


Soils are a very complex environmental system, reservoir of life and fertility. The rootsystem of the vines will grow deep into the ground in order to catch up nutrients, that will allow them to ripen the grapes.


« Lively" soils are rich in trace elements, that will help the synthesis of aromas and aroma precursors within the grapes and all these aromas will be revealed in the final wine.

Style and quality

The spirit of our terroir


For the past centuries french winegrowers have experienced how important the terroir was. They already knew that environmental an climatic conditions associated to the type of soils, specific to every geographical location, had a direct impact on the style of the wine, and sometimes even on the quality, more than for any other kind of agricultural product. In fact, wine is actually a fermented grape juice, and the aromas are revealed thanks to complex chemical reactions happening during the fermentation process.


Winemakers of today are aware now that preserving the soils, and cultivating them without damaging their biodiversity, is an essential condition for the production of premium quality wines.

Sustainable Viticulture 










Some winemakers will make the choice to promote their wines and to boost their sales thanks to the use of specific labels testifying the way they manage the vineyards, but others prefer avoiding the extra costs that the rulebooks and certification systems will involve.


 The winemaker’s sense and his know-how, combined to respectful cultivation methods are enough to those who simply trust in the skills of passionated wine professionals.


Jérôme GOUIN, always keeps in mind that a healthy environment is absolutely necessary to grow quality grapes. He knows that only perfect grapes will eventally be vinified into high quality wines with style, elegance and personality. Therfore he avoids the use of chemicals in his vineyard and prefers the use of natural fertilizers. For him, gently plouging the soils and looking for an optimal canopy management is the norm, because this is the way the vines will express the best of their terroir.