Vines and terroir 

the Winemaker's sense


you can measure the winemaker's sense by the time he spends in the vineyard. 

 To produce high quality wines, it is necessary to spend time planting , pruning, caring for the soils and managing the canopy, caring for health and growth until the time of the harvest.


At each stage of development, the vines are vulnerable and sensitive to pests and fungal diseases that might compromise the crop. Every moment is important in a vine's lifecycle and the winegrower has to pay attention to every single detail that will eventually make the wines great.  


At every step of the process, anticipation and action have to be as precise as possible.

 In this vegetal world, every gesture counts, and every decision will have and important impact on the style, the quality and the expressiveness of the wines.


the protected designation of Origin

Cadillac - Côtes de bordeaux


Cadillac is part of the Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, officially recognized in 2011 for the ambitious reds made on south-facing slopes along the right bank of the Garonne river, 40 kilometers south of Bordeaux, on the opposite bank of the Graves and Sauternes areas.


Château Vieille Tour is located on a privileged terroir, on the highest slopes of the appellation, and the vineyard is dedicated to the production of top-quality red and whites, with a very good-value.


Merlot, blended together with Petit Verdot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are planted on varied soils, mostly composed of clay and gravels, with pockets of limestone and sands, on slopes (locally called « côteaux ») rising from the river bank and offering a very valuable terrain.



between slopes and vines



Well-drained topsoils of clay mixed with gravels are predominating on the plateau where the vineyard of Château Vieille Tour is located.


This results in crops offering a good maturity, with the potential of high alcohol levels (giving smoothness to the wines, and sought after on the export market), that are perfectly balanced with high acidity levels due to the fresh clay and limestone layers of soils undeneath.


The Côtes de Bordeaux « terroir », lesser known than the most prestigious Bordeaux and Sauternes Crus, combines all the qualities for making high-quality and good-value wines, worth the signature of Bordeaux.


Tradition, « savoir-faire » and « terroir », quality and style, this is Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux.

Moreover... when the sky is perfectly clear, you can even see the Pyrenéan mountain range ! 

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